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Our team & approach
Sourceidea is a Network organisation. We are your matchmaker for change resources for both the ‘hard’ as well as the ‘soft’ element.
Our goal is to ensure the optimal match between u, your team and your organisation. That way we leverage both our professionalism as well as that within your organisation in the best possible way.

Sourceidea professional coach team! Is a pool of professional certified coaches and trainers as well as a pool for management consultants with various backgrounds, seniority and experience.

What makes us stand out from other consulting organisations or coach pools?
We make these two disciplines work hand in hand which enhances their effectiveness significantly and ensures your plans will materialize faster in tangible and more sustainable outcomes.

We ensure the right resources at the right time and the personal and professional match is key! In our network no one is waiting ‘on the bench’. We will therefor never send just ‘someone’. We will be delighted to explain our added value in more detail.

Are you size wise able to handle our request?
Obviously that is a bit depending on the request but we are convinced we can work with both small organisations as well as multinationals.

Are you able to work in an international context?
The answer is a simple, yes. Our team is international, our network even more.
Again, we will be delighted to explain how we operate in person. A personal approach is important to us.

Are you LEAN Six Sigma, Agile, MBTI, Insights, etc., certified?
The Knowledge and experience to work with various methodologies and techniques is present in our team. When your organisation works with LEAN Six Sigma, Agile, EFQM or tools like Belbin, Insights, MBTI, NLP or a Systemic work are more common to you? We work with all of them. We use what is most suited for the person, team or organisation. In the end it is not the methodology or tool that counts. It is the ability of those working with it.

How do I know you deliver quality?
All our coaches, trainers and advisers are certified professionals. Next to their formal education they are seasoned and have a background in (international) profit and non-profit organisations as well as governmental entities at various levels.
They all have a background in and passion for developing and stimulating individuals, teams and organisations towards their desired goals.

We will be that additional piece of power to make the desired change or implementation happen with a constant focus on personal, team and organisational development.

We love to take part in delivering your success.

No matter if it is about coaching, consultancy or and form of development. It is all about trust, professionalism and that magic word…the click.